Friday, October 30, 2009

★Just go on★

Since viewing my best friend's blog, then i have no excuse not to create new one.

During the 3weeks of sem break, i discover my weight is gaining. This is the most unwanted thing i ever wish to happen. I am starting a very bad habit. Taking diet pill in order to lose the weight. I know it is really bad cause i am putting my health in risk level. After the bad effect of the diet pill, i already stop eating since stomached. The feeling is absolutely pain, almost fainted.

What for i need to torture my body like this? is stupid... but good appearance always come for 1st in this reality world.

Recently many have come in and out my life. Although some has special in my heart, but all this feelings just come and go.
There is something that i am still searching within myself.

I don't know what more else i can write as i am not a blogger.

Hehe..all these just a start...
i am back to straight hair again although miss my curly hair...


  1. lol....finally blogging girl~~
    write mo write mo!!!!

  2. haha..
    influence by u mia la...
    need to wait interested thing happen only can bow out somethg ad la...

  3. 身体健康才是最重要的,